Thursday, March 28, 2013

Write A Poem a Day And Your Muse Will Stay

Everyone who has ever wanted to be a writer has heard the quote, "Writers write." And while this is true, most people take that quote a step further and say, "Writers write every day."

I've never been one to agree with that sentiment. I still don't agree with it. I was just as much a writer 4 months ago as I am today.

But I do believe the principal of that sentence is sound. If you change the words a little. Maybe something a little more like this would work: "BETTER writers write every day."

The hard truth is that you have to practice to be good at something. And someone who practices (especially deliberate practice) every day is going to improve faster and more than someone who doesn't. That's why all-star basketball players make the big bucks, and our neighborhood basketball team makes nothing from a 'hobby'. The only thing that truly separates them is practice.

Lots and lots and lots of practice.

So why have I decided to write a poem a day, every day? Because that is writing. That is an exercise of creativity, wit, and skill. And the more I exercise my writing muscles, the better writer I will become.

Not to mention, poetry is a stark exposure of the soul. Melodramatic? Maybe. But that makes it no less true. Every poem I have ever written has exposed a dark, secret part of me. Most people don't know what I'm saying (poetry is like a code because it means different things to different people), but those who truly know me, connect with my meaning and know me even deeper. It's kind of terrifying and freeing at the same time.

Have you ever written a poem? What was its meaning to you?

Daily Stats:


  1. Exercised, stretched, meditated, and worked on writing twice today.
  2. Wrote in my journal, stayed on budget, and wrote a poem today.
  3. Posted on my blog.
  4. Made my bed, worked on laundry, and picked up in my room.

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