Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Debt Has Become My Prison

I'm 23 years old. And I already owe over $7,000 in credit card debt.

How did this happen? Because I made it happen. I overspent. I spent money I didn't have when I didn't even have a job with a salary high enough to pay for it at the end of the month. Why? Because I "needed" it.

And it's no happenstance that most of my debt has been acquired since I started working at Walmart. Working so hard and getting so little in return made me feel as though I "deserved" the things I bought on credit. More than that, I am constantly bombarded with things I "need" to have. I can personally attest that Walmart's marketing scheme works.

At least, it did on me. Every day. For an entire year.

Until I can't stand it anymore. I'm so far in debt, I can't spend a dollar of my money without worrying if I'll have enough to pay my credit card bills. And as my main credit card debt is to Walmart, I can literally say that I pay Walmart to work for them!

And that is just pathetic.

Not only am I slaving for the company, I'm PAYING them to do so??? That has got to be the very definition of insanity.

No more. I'm going to pay off my current credit card debt, and then that's it. No more spending money I don't have. It's cold hard cash, or it isn't viable.

If you feel as though debt is enslaving you, too, check out Dave Ramsey's site. The man knows his stuff. And maybe he can make you rethink how you use your money, too.

I know I won't ever look at it the same again.

Daily Stats:


  1. Exercised, stretched, meditated, and worked on my writing twice today.
  2. Wrote in journal, worked on my budget and stayed on budget, and finished my poem today.
  3.  Posted on my blog.
  4. Didn't clean anything at all today (except for the floors, bins, and merchandise at Walmart).

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