2013 Goals

Goals of 2013:

  1. Exercise, stretch, meditate, and work on my writing every morning & every evening
  2. Journal, stick to a budget, & write a poem daily
  3. Blog daily
  4. Clean & organize environment
  5. Set diet (list healthy choices, count calories consumed & calories burned)
  6. Learn to cook healthy alternatives
  7. Sketch something daily
  8. Write daily (x amount of words daily on main project)
  9. Improve posture (Alexander technique)
  10. Learn Spanish
  11. Learn belly dancing
  12. Improve my Walmart work performance
  13. Start composting
  14. Study anatomy
  15. Learn chess
  16. Study classical literature
 Of course, to try to implement all of these changes at once would be insanely stupid. So, over the course of the coming year, I'll be slowly taking on each of these challenges one by one (well, sometimes I combine them together a little).

In the coming month of April, I'll start tackling numbers 5 & 6 in an attempt to control my budget AND my health.

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