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Welcome to my blog!

My (pen) name is Kyla, and I am remaking my life. I have started this blog in the hopes to keep myself going in the right direction towards my ultimate goal: becoming a healthier, happier, more successful person.

My version of that goal (for that is most all of us' goal in life) is to be self-sufficient, a writer, a traveler, and a lifelong student. That will make me happy, and that is how I define success. To reach those goals, I'm beginning a new life, slowly refining away the bad and polishing the good until I have the life I've always wanted.

As part of that refinement process, I've planned ahead 5 years, so that I can have a clear view of the person I want to be 5 years from now. No fuzzy or obscure images, I want to know the solid truth of what I will accomplish and become in that time so that I can make it happen. A clear, solid view of the probable future if I fail (drowning in debt, list of unfinished projects, messy house, stuck in a dead-end job, etc.) and a vivid view of my probable future if I succeed will help me stick to my goals when the going get's tough.

Here's what I have so far:

2013 is all about foundational goals. These goals will help me achieve all the ones that follow, and improve my chances at being healthier and happier in general. Also, it is the start of fully embracing my passion in life: writing.

2014 is all about self-sufficiency goals. These goals will give me some of the security I crave, and make me feel more capable of taking on life's challenges, no matter what they may be.

2015 is all about learning. These goals will give me a constant supply of new knowledge and skills from which to pull from to meet anything and everything life, my career, and my goals throw at me.

2016 is all about traveling. These goals will make traveling a major part of my life, and hopefully bring me closer to my dream of one day traveling the entire world!

2017 is all about my writing. These goals will help me make my passion a viable source of income and livelihood. If I can make this work, I won't have to work in secular business anymore; I can do what makes me happy.

Now, if you read the quote in the picture at the top, you may wonder what it's about. That is my personal mantra. It is the quote I wish to always shape my life around. It resonates with me, because I believe I can do anything if I just start now, in this moment, using the skills and tools I have and gaining new ones as I go. I also believe it is every person's responsibility in life to do the best they can with what they have. Otherwise, they prove themselves unworthy of ever having it.

Then there is the acknowledgement of reality in that statement. Sometimes, you don't have the skills or tools you need to accomplish whatever you're doing right now. That means you can either hunker down and survive the best you can, run away, or learn new skills to thrive.

I choose to learn.

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