Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Meet The Woman I Want To Be

I want to be a calm, happy, intelligent woman who writes. I want to feel good about myself and my life. I want to be happy with my vocation, happy with my hobbies, and happy with my choices. And I want to be healthy and motivated, able to do anything and everything I set my mind to.

And I want to become that person, that ideal, by the age of 30.

Here's a more detailed, vivid picture of who I want to be by the time I'm 30:

  • A published writer.
  • A healthy woman NOT on medication for diabetes, heart disease, etc.
  • In a stable, enjoyable vocation.
  • Taking regular classes in different subjects, just for the sake of learning.
  • A seasoned traveler who's been to Africa, South America, India, and toured Europe.
  • Living a green, self-sufficient lifestyle.
  • Debt free.
  • HAPPY!

I do not want to be any of these things when I'm 30 years old:

  • Still working at Walmart.
  • A procrastinator.
  • A person with a list of nothing but unfinished projects.
  • Still not green or self-sufficient.
  • Knee deep in debt.
  • Stuck in the same dead-end cycle of life.

 It's a tall order to fill in just 7 years. But I can do it, if I just take it one day, one step, at a time. Because that's who I want to be someday.

And I will be her. That transformation has already begun. If I never give up, never give in to self-doubt or immediate gratification, then that person is who I will be.

That's why I'm doing this. That's why I'm here.

Daily Stats:

  1. Exercised, stretched, meditated, and worked on my writing twice today.
  2. Wrote in my journal and stayed on budget.
  3. Posted another post on my blog.
  4. Picked up in room, did laundry, and did a load of dishes.

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