Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Goals

Thank you very much, YeamieWaffles, for pointing out the fact that I haven't really discussed my goal plans with the new followers I've gained. I've left you all a little lost.

If you'd like to read my former posts on the subject, you can find my first post, Becoming Great, or read up on the list on my page entitled 2013 Goals.

But if you'd just like a quick recap, I can spell it out pretty quick. Basically, I've tried to be a writer and consistent in a lot of activities throughout my life, and I've failed at all of it, over and over again. This time, I dedicated myself to building a base for accomplishing my dreams, and determined I wouldn't give up until I had everything I had ever wanted.

To that end, this year's goals are about building habits and skills that will help me reach my future goals and get my writing career on track at last.

Very admirable sentiment, right? But it wasn't solid enough to be a real plan. I needed something big and easily understood to come back to again and again when I wanted to see where I needed to go and what I wanted to accomplish.

So I created a list of 16 things I wanted to add to my life by the end of the year. They are:

  1. Exercise, stretch, meditate, and work on my writing every morning & every evening
  2. Journal, stick to a budget, & write a poem daily
  3. Blog daily
  4. Clean & organize environment
  5. Set diet (list healthy choices, count calories consumed & calories burned)
  6. Learn to cook healthy alternatives
  7. Sketch something daily
  8. Write daily (x amount of words daily on main project)
  9. Improve posture (Alexander technique)
  10. Learn Spanish
  11. Learn belly dancing
  12. Improve my Walmart work performance
  13. Start composting
  14. Study anatomy
  15. Learn chess
  16. Study classical literature

I've reached number 7 and become a little stunted in my growth at the moment. Which is no wonder, when you realize that I've started this life change only 3 months ago and have already tried to cram half the list into my life.

I think I might have overdone it.

But my premise is still effective. I believe I can slowly integrate great change by adding small changes over time. And each addition to my life has proven incredibly enriching. I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed broadening my horizons. Of course, it's also a little scary.

But then, what's life without a little fear?  


  1. This is interesting Kyla. On a personal level I think that it's a good idea to set goals for a start but your goals are even more interesting. You have a flair for writing which is apparent to me already and your idea of writing every single day is a great one as well. I like the goal of learning Spanish too, hopefully they all go well, thanks for telling us a little about it as well.

  2. Oh my goodness. I also work for that giant corporation that's name starts with an upside down M. (Don't tell anyone though. It's a secret.) That is a really great list of 16 things to add to your life. If you stick to all of them and don't get discouraged, you will get to your ultimate destination before you know it.

  3. This is an interesting list! These are great goals to reach.


  4. Wow, you are quite ambitious! Good for you though. 16 goals in one year is a lot, so don't beat yourself up if you can't reach them all. The important thing is to try new things, challenge yourself, and integrate those changes into your daily life. I've recently mapped out my writing and health goals on my blog and it definitely helps to have fellow bloggers checking in and cheering you on.

    I feel terrible that you've blogged so much and no one's noticed besides Mark but he is a great person to have in your corner. He was always the first to comment on my blog until I got too busy to visit his. Keep writing, keep commenting, and keep working on those goals. i'll be sure to check in as often as possible. Best of luck! :-)

  5. Those are some great goals, and while they might be a bit ambitious, it's good to give yourself something to aim for. That cooking healthy alternatives one is huge. I discovered a while back that I could cook my own food, make it incredibly healthy, AND make it taste better. So now when I don't go out to eat, it's because I know I can cook something legitimately better (that doesn't have all of that nasty unnatural junk in it) than a restaurant. Something like that can go a long way.

    Good luck!