Monday, May 13, 2013

Life Is Like A Camera

Life changes are hard. I expected that. I even expected a set-back or two. But somehow the reality has surpassed my expectations.

It has been even harder than I thought it would be. I have seen far more set-backs than I ever could have expected. But I also have seen more success and happiness than my little heart could have asked for.

The fact that I have dedicated myself to changing into a person I can be proud of is amazing. And today I took stock of what that change has done to my life.

I haven't won any awards for suddenly becoming an incredible, popular author. I haven't become a sensational artist overnight. I haven't reached enlightenment or physical perfection. Nor have I become as healthy or organized as I dreamed. But I've become so much more than I thought possible. I've learned how to keep a schedule. I've learned to love myself. I've learned how to deal with mistakes and failures. And I've become a more confident, more mentally healthy person because of it.

I think that's a success worth more than the rewards I started this journey for.

It amazes me to think that three months ago I sat down and decided to just change my life. I decided to take what my life had always been and had accepted as immutable, and turn everything I knew upside down and inside out. Where did such bravery come from?

Two months ago today, I started this blog in an effort to keep myself accountable for my life change. I wanted to talk to people about what I was doing and have them keep me accountable for keeping to my schedule. And I wanted to inspire people to change into the person they've dreamed of becoming, too.

If life is like a camera, then this blog has been my lens. Thanks to the posts I've made here each and every day and the comments they've received, I've been able to evaluate my progress and be encouraged to keep going in the face of what I considered impossible odds. This is why I made it thus far.

And this is why I'll make it to month four. Wonder what the picture will look like then...


  1. While this is a personal question that you obviously don't have to answer, what changes is it that you decided to embark upon? Honestly a blog is one of the best ways to keep track of a transition in life I find because not only are you keeping yourself accountable and keeping track of yourself you're also spurred on by some amazing people so keep it up. Remember no good change happens overnight, well it can but not that often, 98% of the time it takes a lot of hard work and effort to get that end result unless you're extremely lucky. Just keep on going and you will hopefully be rewarded.

  2. I do like the quote at the beginning of this. You've learned the most important of life's lessons. Love yourself for who you are. You will have to re-learn this over and over throughout your life. Make your journey an amazing one.